Porsche 911 Carrera Cylinder Rebuild Service

Cabriolet Hydraulics offers a ram/cylinder rebuild service for your 1999-2013 Porsche 911 Carrera (996/997) convertible top hydraulics. We believe that we have the best Porsche 911 (996/997) Ram Rebuild Service available on the market. Here’s why: Our Porsche 911 hydraulic top rams consist of:
  • Upgraded internal seals
  • New replacement rod/guide bushings
  • New seals at the swivel hose connections
  • Hose retaining clips to secure hose connections after replacing swivel seals
  • Refinished cylinder rods to provide optimal sealing surface
For an additional cost, we offer new high-strength replacement hoses. Rebuild service includes the following cylinder part numbers: 99756194502, 99656104501, 99656194500, 99756194500, 99756194501, 99656194501, 99656194502, 99656104601 Important Note: The Porsche 911 (996/997) has two hydraulic rams that power the convertible top roof. We highly recommend replacing/rebuilding both original rams/cylinders at the same time since the life span of the seals is predictably similar. See inspection and removal instructions. Do not unscrew the guide and drive pins from your cylinders. Doing so may break the pins and result in extra charges to repair the damaged parts.

Our Rebuilt Cylinder versus the Original Factory Cylinder:

Cylinder Diagram

The original factory rod bushings become contaminated, dry-rotted, cracked, and pitted from years of use, causing excessive rod scratches and leaks. Cabriolet Hydraulics has remedied this in our most recent rebuild improvements. We now replace the bushings as part of our standard Porsche 911 (996/997) Cabriolet Cylinder Rebuild Service.

All Cabriolet Hydraulics rebuilt rams ship ready for installation and include the following:
  • Two rebuilt Porsche 911 hydraulic top rams pre-filled with hydraulic fluid and pre-positioned for quick installation.
  • A new set of copper banjo line seals for attaching the hose connectors to the pump.
  • A bottle of hydraulic fluid and dispenser cap to fill the pump reservoir.
  • Cylinder installation guide for 911 cylinders rebuilt by Cabriolet Hydraulics.
Our documented installation method eliminates the need for cumbersome hydraulic fluid reservoir refilling during purging.
Shipments to customers outside the United States do not include complimentary fluid. We will enclose an empty bottle to make filling the hydraulic pump reservoir easier using your own fluid. Fluid options include: ZH-M Hydraulic Fluid Mercedes P/N 000-989-91-03-09 Febi P/N 00098910310

New Porsche 911 Cabriolet Hoses

Cabriolet Hydraulics now manufactures new hoses for Porsche 911/996/997 convertible cylinders! Original cylinders – and even newer factory replacement cylinders – have hoses that are prone to cracking and leaking.

Our new replacement hoses are made in the USA with European sourced hose material. We are confident that our rebuilt cylinders with new hoses will outlast OEM replacement cylinders, for a fraction of the cost.

Factory Installed Cylinders and Hose Length Info:

Your original 996 or 997 factory-installed cylinders have specific hose lengths based on pump location, which changed over the years. When you purchase a replacement cylinder from Porsche, you will get a cylinder with long hoses, which will accommodate left and right side fitments covering all the years (1998-2013), AKA universal fitment. In most installations, the right side hoses will have to be looped in order to take up the extra slack when you purchase replacement cylinders from Porsche.

Cabriolet Hydraulics can provide new hoses that are made to the specific length as they were when your 911 Cabriolet left the factory, or we can also provide hoses for universal fitment. The choice is yours. In-house hose manufacturing gives us the flexibility to make the hoses based on the specific application, resulting in a better fit.

Preparing Cylinders for Shipping

It’s important to drain, wrap, and pack your cylinder(s) properly to protect them from damage that can occur in shipping. For each cylinder:
  • Thoroughly drain fluid.
  • Push cylinder shaft completely to one end.
  • Leave pins in place.
  • Wrap exposed cylinder shaft with bubble wrap, foam, or other materials to protect it from damage.
  • Cover line ends with small plastic bags secured with twist ties, zip ties, or tape.
  • Wrap each cylinder individually before placing in shipping box.
  • Add enough space-filler to shipping box to prevent shifting and tumbling.
  • Seal box properly.

Additional Porsche 911/996/997 Services

Pump Rebuild Service

Cabriolet Hydraulics also offers a Porsche 911 Pump Rebuild Service for your 996 and 997 convertible top hydraulic pump. Our rebuild service restores pump performance to factory specification. Rebuild service includes the following pump part numbers: 996.561.060.00, 996.561.060.01 and 996.5671.060.02.

Complete Convertible Top Hydraulic System Rebuild Service

Send us your entire Porsche 911 (996/997) convertible top hydraulic system for rebuild, including the hydraulic rams and hoses, pump, and banjo bolts. Rebuilding the entire system ensures optimal factory performance and safeguards against re-contaminating clean refurbished parts with sludge and debris from any old parts that have not been rebuilt. Cabriolet Hydraulics will rebuild the cylinders and pump, re-assemble the system, fill with hydraulic fluid, and bleed the air from the system. This makes for an easy ready-to-go installation.

911 Turbo Spoiler Drive Rebuild Service

Cabriolet Hydraulics offers a rebuild service for your Porsche 911 Turbo spoiler drive.