2000-2006 BMW 3-Series Convertible Top Hydraulic Hose #23 or #24 Repair

Hydraulic hoses #23 and/or #24 commonly fail on 2000-2006 BMW 3-Series Convertibles (E-46 Chassis) where they often leak at the main bow hinge point on the driver (left) side of the car.  These hoses are connected to the hydraulic control block located on the left side in front of the left hinge. The hoses run from the valve block along the main bow to the right side where they connect to the right side main hydraulic cylinder.  Factory-installed hoses #23 and #24 were too short to begin with and over time the hoses shrink and the sharp front edge of the metal hose cover can pinch and eventually puncture the hoses.

In most cases, hose #23 is the one to fail when the interference or pinching occurs as the main bow hinge rotates during the closing of the top. BMW offers a new OEM replacement hose BMW P/N 54347025598 but this requires full hose removal and replacement.

We provide an alternative that our customers appreciate.  Our Cabriolet Hydraulics repair kit simplifies the repair by eliminating the need to replace the entire hose, reducing repair time and repair costs. Our repair kit replaces the damaged hose section and lengthens the hose using our patented Hose Coupler* for easy installation. The relaxed fit reduces interference between the hose and the front edge of the hose cover.

This kit is designed to replace a section of hose and comes complete with our Hose Coupler* and the correct connector and length of hose required for this specific repair.

*Hose Coupler US Patent 9,482,375