Hose Coupler Installation Requirements

  1. Cabriolet Hydraulics Hose Couplers* fit only factory installed hoses with 1.8mm and 2.0mm internal (bore) diameters and 4.5mm outer diameters. Check printing on your damaged OEM hose to identify the actual hose bore diameter. Couplers will fit hoses with the following printed designations: AF1.8, DN1.8 for 1.8mm and AF2.0, DN2.0 for 2mm bores. The hoses must have a 4.5mm outer diameter. Actual outer diameters can vary between 4.45mm and 4.55mm. (See Pic. 1) for examples of printed sizes on the most common factory installed hoses. Measure the outer hose diameter with a precision vernier caliper.
  1. The Hose Coupler* can be used to reattach a hose with a minimum length of .750” (19mm) from the metal connector, (see Pic. 2). The hose should not be cut too close to the fitting unless it is necessary for the repair.
  1. The Hose Coupler* must not interfere with the top mechanism. The repaired hose must have an adequate bend radius so that it does not fold or collapse on itself during operation. (See Pic. 2) for coupler dimensions.
  2. Space must be provided for handling the installation tools.
  3. Important Note: The Hose Coupler* is designed for a one-time use. Once the Hose Coupler* is crimped, it cannot be reused.

*Hose Coupler US Patent 9,482,375