Cylinder Service Information

Call us for pricing:

Cylinder prices vary. Call us for a quote. If you will be using our Hydraulic Hose Repair Couplers on your convertible top repair job, mention this when you call so we can include the cost of the couplers in your quote.

Inspect your leaking cylinders before you ship them to us:

Know the condition of your parts!  Please inspect your cylinders very carefully before shipping them to us. Older model cars often have had more than one owner and previous attempts to repair the cylinders may have been made. Some cylinder rods are also prone to rust and pitting. Before sending us your cylinders, carefully look for missing parts, damages, or tampered-with cylinder components. 

Cylinders that were previously tampered with or altered may not be eligible for an exchange or core refund. Cylinders with rusty rods cannot be rebuilt properly without replacing the rods. If your cylinders are damaged, tampered with, missing parts, or are altered in any way, please call us to discuss your options before you ship them to us. In most cases we can still repair your damaged cylinders. Additional costs will apply based on the extent of the damage.

Shipping To Us:

When you ship your cylinders to us to be rebuilt, they should be prepped and packed carefully to prevent damage and avoid fluid leakage. Before packing, make sure to remove all fluid. To do this, point the cylinder hose ports or hose ends, where applicable, into a bucket and remove fluid by extending and retracting the cylinder rod end-to-end several times. Be sure to point the cylinder ports into the bucket and away from yourself. Once drained, push the cylinder rod completely into the cylinder. Wrap the exposed cylinder rod with bubble wrap, foam, or any other material that will protect it from getting damaged. Place cylinders in a plastic bag to contain any residual hydraulic fluid. Wrap each cylinder individually before placing it in a box for shipping. Use plenty of space filler in the shipping box to keep the cylinders from shifting within the package. Make sure to include your contact information including name, phone number, and return shipping address. We have a Customer Info Sheet that you can print and include in the box with your parts.

When we receive your cylinders:

We perform a detailed inspection when we receive and unpack your cylinders. We look for missing parts, physical damage such as bent rods, drilled holes, scrapes, dents, rust and pitting, or any other alterations to the original factory cylinders. If your cylinders are free of damage and all the parts are intact, we begin the repair the same day that we receive your cylinders. If we find any damage during our inspection process, we will call you to discuss the damage before we start any work on your cylinders. Often times we can still repair your damaged cylinders but additional costs will apply based on the extent of the damage.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time varies depending upon cylinder type, condition of the cylinder, and our current work load.
  • Most cylinders typically take 1-2 business days to rebuild from the time we receive them.
  • Cylinders that need rod replacements may take longer to rebuild.
  • BMW Z4 (E85) cylinders typically require 2-3 business days to rebuild.
  • Porsche Carrera 996/997 hydraulic ram(s) typically require 4-5 business days to rebuild. For Porsche Carrera 996/997 hydraulic rams we may have “ready to go” rebuilt ram kits available for exchange. This exchange option is only available for the pair of rams not individual rams. We charge a non-refundable exchange fee when you exchange/swap your cylinders with ours. You ship your cylinders to us. Upon receipt of your rams, we inspect them for damage. If your rams are in good condition, we pull a ram kit from our inventory and ship the ram kit back to you the same business day in most cases. Contact us for cylinder availability. If your cylinders are damaged, we will contact you about rebuilding your cylinders rather than exchanging them.

Payment and Shipping:

Once your order is completed we will contact you regarding shipping options and payment for your order. You will be responsible for covering the cost of shipping your order to us and us shipping the order back to you. Orders processed by 3:30 p.m. EDT/EST typically ship that day if using UPS. Orders processed after 3:30 p.m. EDT/EST may not ship until the following business day.

  • We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
  • Please do not send checks with your order as we do not accept checks for payment.

Our default/typical shipping method is UPS Ground. We do have the option of doing 3-day, 2-day, and Next Day Air through UPS if requested.

  • If you have your own UPS shipping account we can use it to ship your order if the account number is provided.
  • If requested we can also ship out using USPS Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.
  • To ship with FedEx you will need to include a FedEx return shipping label with your order or provide one by email to
  • Please note that orders shipped by USPS or FedEx may not ship the same day as it is processed.

International Orders:

Canadian Orders:

For payment, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. When we ship your order out you will be responsible for any tariffs, taxes, and/or duties imposed by your country when your order is sent back. We will ship out international orders through UPS.

All Other International Orders:

We only accept payment via PayPal with a 5% PayPal transaction fee added to the order based on the total of the order. When we ship your order out you will be responsible for any tariffs, taxes, and/or duties imposed by your country when your order is sent back. We will ship out international orders through UPS.

International Orders Shipping to Us:

When shipping your part(s) to us for repair please use DDP as the Terms of Trade and use Harmonized Tariff Code 9801.00.1012. If your shipment is not processed correctly and Cabriolet Hydraulics is charged tariffs, taxes and/or import duties on the shipment, those charges will be added to your bill to be paid when your order is shipped back.

Core deposit and core returns for advanced shipped cylinders:

We charge a refundable core charge/core deposit on all advance-shipped rebuilt cylinders. The “core” is the part of the cylinder that we rebuild/remanufacture to bring back to original function and specifications. When you purchase a rebuilt cylinder from our inventory, we expect you to send your original cylinder back to us as a good, “re-buildable” core.

When you return your core, we inspect it thoroughly upon receipt. Your core deposit will be refunded in full if your core(s) passes inspection. If your core(s) is damaged in any way, we will contact you with the details. Any additional work and charges associated with rebuilding your core will be deducted from your core refund.