Porsche Carrera Cylinder Kits

1999-2013 Porsche Carrera 911 (996/997) Convertible Top Hydraulic Ram Kit

We offer a Porsche Carrera Cylinder Kit designed to restore the convertible top hydraulic system, ensuring a long lasting service life.

The Carrera Kit includes:

  1. The rebuild of your of Carrera 911 (996 or 997) rebuilt cylinders. The cylinders come filled with hydraulic fluid and are pre-positioned for quick installation.
  2. Installation instructions that are specific to our Carrera Kit and cover pump removal necessary for a complete system fluid flush. The described installation method eliminates the need for cumbersome multiple hydraulic fluid reservoir refilling during purging. This method will be especially appreciated by owners of 1999-2001 Carrera 996s.
  3. A bottle of hydraulic fluid with dispenser, which includes enough fluid to refill and top off the hydraulic pump reservoir after system purge.
  4. A new set of copper hydraulic line connector seals.

Our rebuilt rams include replacement seals at the swivel hose connections. The arrow in the photo above shows the location of the internal seal.

Important Note:
The Porsche 911 Carrera (996 and 997) have two hydraulic cylinders that power the convertible roof. Cabriolet Hydraulics highly recommends replacing both original cylinders at the same time since the life span of the seals is predictably similar. See inspection and removal instructions.