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Products – Mercedes-Benz SL/SLK Vario-Roof Front Latch Cylinder Fix

Mercedes-Benz vario-roof front latch cylinders are located under the front edge of the roof and above the top center portion of the windshield frame of the R170, R171, and R230 chassis. The front latch cylinder can now be easily removed from the car by cutting the hoses near the cylinder. This will significantly reduce the amount of labor that is normally required to remove the cylinder with the attached hydraulic hoses all the way back to the pump. Our rebuilt cylinders will be shipped back with the couplers already attached, allowing for quick installation. Hoses are permanently reconnected via the couplers* with basic hand tools including 3/8” box wrench, vise grips, and pliers. Mercedes-Benz vario-roof front latch cylinder part numbers include:

Suggested Placement of our Hose Couplers*

2308000872 (2003-2010 SL)

2308000872 vario-roof front latch hydraulic cylinder

Couplers on a 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL 600 (R230 chassis) - Click to enlarge

1708000072 (1998-2004 SLK)

1708000072 vario-roof front latch hydraulic cylinder

Couplers on a 2003 Mercedes-Benz SLK 320 (R170 chassis) - Click to enlarge

1718000072 (2004-2010 SLK)

1718000072 vario-roof front latch hydraulic cylinder

Couplers on a 2008 Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 (R171 chassis) - Click to enlarge

Cabriolet Hydraulics Front Latch Cylinder Rebuild includes the following:

R230 Cylinder Diagram

Rod Seal Replacement: The original leaking rod seal is replaced with a high performance custom rod seal made from a hard-wearing elastomer that significantly increases its service life.

Piston Seal Replacement: Lazy or incomplete locking and unlocking symptoms are often caused by piston seal failure known as piston blow-by. We replace the original 2-piece piston seal with our improved version ensuring optimum piston seal performance.

Hose Swivel Seal Replacement: After many years of experience rebuilding these cylinder, we recently upgraded our service to include these seals as part of the standard rebuild. If they are not leaking already, the original swivel seals will eventually leak. The top of the roof is exposed to the sun for long periods of time at elevated temperatures. Heat degrades the rubber seals in the crimped steel elbow connections causing the seals to leak. We replace the hose swivel seals with long lasting heat-resistant seals. We believe that the rebuild is not complete without replacing these seals.

Removable Hose Retainers: This added feature is a result of replacing the swivel seals. The hose connections must be removed from the cylinder by first machining away the crimps around the hose connection ports in order to remove and replace the swivel seals. We reattach the swivel hose connectors with screw-on retainers. In the unlikely event that future service of the cylinder is necessary, simply disconnect the hoses from the cylinder and remove the cylinder. The hoses remain attached to the car.

Two Couplers: Our patented hose repair couplers* will come attached to the hoses on your cylinder for quick installation. The hoses are permanently reconnected on the car with basic hand tools. Hoses are crimped internally and externally the same way as they are with the factory connectors. Most hydraulic systems operate at a peak pressure of 200 bar or 2900 psi. Cabriolet Hydraulics hose couplers are pressure tested to 10,000 psi without failure.

2308000872 vario-roof Mercedes-Benz hydraulic cylinder

A cylinder removed by cutting the hoses

1718000072 vario-roof Mercedes- Benz hydraulic cylinder

A rebuilt cylinder with attached couplers

Important note: Please visit our Hydraulic Hose Repair Couplers page to purchase our couplers or to view the Installation Requirements and Instructions.

*US Patent 9,482,375


Our rebuilt cylinders carry a 3-year warranty. If a cylinder fails within the 3-year warranty period, we will repair the cylinder at no charge.

Not covered by the warranty: hydraulic cylinder and/or hose damage caused by mishandling, improper installation, and malfunctioning convertible top system components.

Cylinder Packing Instructions:

Point the cylinder hose ports or hose ends (where applicable) into a bucket and remove fluid by extending and retracting the cylinder rod end-to-end several times. Be sure to point the cylinder ports into the bucket and away from yourself.

Push the cylinder rod completely into the cylinder. Wrap the exposed cylinder rod with bubble wrap, foam or anything else that will protect it from getting damaged. Place in a plastic bag to contain any residual hydraulic fluid. Wrap each cylinder individually before placing it in the shipping box. Pack plenty of space filler to keep the cylinders from shifting around.

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