Cylinder Service Options

We offer three rebuild options for your convertible top cylinders:

Option 1: We rebuild your cylinders. We rebuild the cylinders you send to us and have them on their way back to you the next business day in most cases. Porsche 996/997 cylinder rebuild time takes a little longer and typically requires 2-3 business days to complete. Cylinders that need rod replacements may also take longer to rebuild.

Option 2: We exchange your cylinders with rebuilt cylinders from our inventory. We stock “ready to go” rebuilt cylinders for some makes and models. These rebuilt cylinders are available on an “exchange” basis. You ship your cylinders to us and upon receipt we inspect them and exchange them for rebuilt cylinders from our inventory. There is a non-refundable service exchange fee associated with this option. We can typically ship the replacement cylinders back to you the same business day. Cylinder exchange is subject to inventory availability. Contact us for cylinder availability.

Option 3: We advance-ship rebuilt cylinders from our inventory. Our rebuilt cylinders are shipped to you from our “ready to go” inventory of cylinders. We charge an up-front refundable core deposit and a non-refundable service exchange fee.  You send back your leaking cylinders and upon receipt we inspect your returned leaking cylinders and process your core refund. Your core refund amount will be impacted by the condition of your returned leaking cylinders. Cylinder advance-shipping is subject to inventory availability. Contact us for cylinder availability.

Before you ship your leaking cylinders to us:

Please inspect your cylinders very carefully before shipping to us to know the condition of your parts. Often times older model cars have been resold and previous attempts to repair the cylinders may have been made. Also, some cylinder rods are prone to rust and pitting. Before sending us your cylinders, carefully look for missing parts and damaged or tampered-with cylinder components.

Cylinders that were previously tampered with or altered may not be eligible for a core exchange or core refund. Cylinders with rusty rods cannot be rebuilt properly without replacing the rods. If your cylinders are damaged, tampered with, missing parts, or are altered in any way, please call us to discuss your options before you ship them to us. In most cases we can still repair your damaged cylinders. Additional costs will apply based on the extent of the damage.

When we receive your cylinders:

We perform a detailed inspection when we receive and unpack your leaking cylinders. We look for missing parts, physical damage such as bent rods, drilled holes, scrapes, dents, rust and pitting, or any other alterations to the original factory cylinders. If your cylinders are free of damage and all the parts are intact, we begin the repair the same day that we receive your cylinders. If we find any damage during our inspection process, we will call you to discuss the damage before we start any work on your cylinders. Often times we can still repair your damaged cylinders but additional costs will apply based on the extent of the damage.

Core deposit and core returns for advanced shipped cylinders:

All rebuilt parts that are shipped in advance come with an associated core charge, also referred to as a core deposit. The “core” is the part of the cylinder that is remanufactured and brought back to specifications. When you purchase a rebuilt part from our inventory, we expect you to send your original part to us as a good “rebuildable core.” A good core is a used cylinder that has not been physically damaged or tampered with in any way and is free from rust and pitting. Damage and tampering includes alterations, missing parts, and/or physical damage to the cylinder, the cylinder rod, or the hoses. Your core charge/core deposit will be refunded once the core passes inspection.  If your cores are damaged, you will be notified.  The extra repair charges will be deducted from your core deposit.