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Products - Convertible Top Cylinders

The OEM rod seals in these types of cylinders fail from material decomposition. Our custom made replacement rod seals are made from a superior hard-wearing elastomer that significantly increases the service life of the cylinders. We also replace the port seals as part of the standard rebuild in cylinders with removable hydraulic hoses.

The OEM rod seals in these types of cylinders fail from deformation due to their asymmetric profile and material cold flow or creep. Our seals are custom made from an improved compound and redesigned to provide optimal sealing performance. Cylinders used in the Mercedes-Benz CLK (W209), Chrysler Crossfire convertible and Saab 9-3 convertible are also known to leak from the cylinder end caps. Original decomposing end caps seals are replaced with durable, long lasting seals as part of the standard rebuild.

Some cylinders are prone to rust and pitting of the cylinder rods.  This problem is prevalent in the 1999-2003 Saab 9-3 and 1999-2003 Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class (W208) hydraulic cylinders.  In these cases, the cylinder rods must be replaced.

Aston Martin
1997-2004 DB-7 Volante

2003-2011 A4/S4/RS4
2000-2005 TT
2006-2010 TT

1995-2003 Azure
2006-2009 Azure

2003-2008 Z4 (E85) Roadster

2003-2006 SSR
2005-2013 Corvette (C6) Convertible

2005-2008 Crossfire Convertible
2005-2008 PT Cruiser Convertible
1999-2006 Sebring Convertible*
*New Cylinders

1994-1999 F355 Spider
1999-2005 F360 Spider
2005-2009 F430 Spider

1996-2006 Mustang Convertible*
*New Cylinders
2008-2014 Mustang Convertible

2009-2013 G37 Convertible

1997-2006 XK8/XKR Convertible
2007-2010 XK/XKR Convertible

2006-2012 Gallardo Spyder

1993-1995 E-Class (W124)
2010-2017 E-Class (A207)
1990-2002 SL-Class (R129)
2003-2010 SL-Class (R230)
1998-2004 SLK-Class (R170)
2004-2010 SLK-Class (R171)
1999-2003 CLK-Class (W208)
2004-2009 CLK-Class (A209)

1995-1996 3000GT VR4 Spyder
2006-2012 Eclipse Spyder

2009-Present 370z Roadster

1999-2004 Carrera 911 (996)
2005-2010 Carrera 911 (997)
Porsche Carrera Cylinder Kits

Rolls Royce
1992-1995 Corniche
2000-2002 Corniche

1999-2003 9-3 Convertible
2004-2011 9-3 Convertible

1995-2002 Golf Cabriolet
2003-2010 Beetle


Our rebuilt cylinders carry a 3-year warranty. If a cylinder fails within the 3-year warranty period, we will repair the cylinder at no charge.

Not covered by the warranty: hydraulic cylinder and/or hose damage caused by mishandling, improper installation, and malfunctioning convertible top system components.


We stock "ready to go" rebuilt cylinders. Rebuilt cylinders will be available on an (I) "exchange" basis or an (II) "up front" basis.

  1. Exchange – When you ship your good cores* to us, we will inspect them and have the rebuilt stocked units on their way back to you the same business day. This eliminates the up-front core fee.

  2. Up-front – Cylinders can be shipped in advance. The price will include a refundable core fee. Your refund will be processed when your good cores* are returned to us. This option is subject to our cylinder availability. Please contact us for cylinder availability, core pricing and refund terms.

We can rebuild the cylinders you send to us and have them on their way back to you the next business day.

Cylinder FAQ's:

*What is considered a “good core”? A good core is a used cylinder that has not been damaged or tampered with in any way. This includes missing parts, and/or damage to the cylinder, the cylinder rod, and the hoses. Often times older model cars may have been resold several times and previous attempts to repair the cylinders may have been made. Carefully look for missing parts, damaged, or tampered-with cylinder components. Cylinders that were previously tampered with may not be eligible for a core exchange or core refund.

If Your Cylinders are Tampered with or Damaged? If your cylinders are damaged or tampered with, please call us to discuss your options. Often times we can still repair your cylinders. Additional costs may apply based on the extent of the damage.

Cylinders with Rusty/Pitted Cylinder Rods? We replace the rusty cylinder rods in the most common rust-prone cylinders at an extra cost. Cylinders with rusty rods cannot be rebuilt properly without replacing the rods. Please inspect your cylinder rods very carefully before shipping to us. We will perform a detailed inspection when we receive your cylinders. If the rods need to be replaced, we will contact you before beginning the rebuild.

Cylinder Packing Instructions: Point the cylinder hose ports or hose ends (where applicable) into a bucket and remove fluid by extending and retracting the cylinder rod end-to-end several times. Be sure to point the cylinder ports into the bucket and away from yourself.

Push the cylinder rod completely into the cylinder. Wrap the exposed cylinder rod with bubble wrap, foam or anything else that will protect it from getting damaged. Place in a plastic bag to contain any residual hydraulic fluid. Wrap each cylinder individually before placing it in the shipping box. Pack plenty of space filler to keep the cylinders from shifting around.

Payment and Shipping

We accept payment via Visa and Mastercard

We ship via UPS or USPS. Contact us for details.

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