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Products - Hydraulic Hose Repair Couplers*

Our high quality stainless steel hydraulic hose couplers* are designed to repair and reconnect the most common hydraulic hoses used in modern convertible top hydraulic systems, as well as in trunk and rear hatch hydraulics. Hose couplers* fit hoses with hose bore diameters of 1.8mm to 2.0mm. Check the printing on the OEM hose that is being repaired to identify the actual hose bore diameter. Our couplers will fit hoses labeled as: AF1.8 for 1.8mm and AF2.0 for 2mm bores.

Hydraulic hoses are permanently reconnected with basic hand tools. Hoses are crimped internally and externally the same way as they are with the factory connectors. Our hose couplers are pressure tested to 10,000 psi.

Another typical use for our couplers is for replacing front latch cylinders on Mercedes-Benz vario-roof cars. Use of our couplers significantly shortens the time for replacing hydraulic cylinders by eliminating the need to remove and reinstall the hoses all the way back to the pump. Rebuilt cylinders with reconnected hoses on vario-roof Mercedes-Benz models 2004 SL 600, 2002 SLK 320 and 2008 SLK 55 can be seen on our vario-roof front latch cylinder page.

*US Patent 9,482,375